There are over one hundred billion stars within any given galaxy. Trillions of planets. Within the universe there are infinite galaxies and in one particular galaxy, life abounds.

Galactic empires war with one another. Technological theorem clashes with theological beliefs. Ideas are weaponized. As one civilization dies, another emerges. Space travel is both reward and punishment. Isolation and anonymity are the only true forms of protection.

Welcome to SAVAGE GALAXY. SAVAGE GALAXY is a sci-fi anthology told through different mediums such as novels, comic books and video games.

SAVAGE GALAXY: SUPREMACY is the first video game from Twisted Skillz Studios and is currently in development. SAVAGE GALAXY: SUPREMACY will arrive Fall 2023.


SAVAGE GALAXY: SUPREMACY is developed by Twisted Skillz Studios in Tucson, AZ.

All artwork is created by Alfred Carrillo for Twisted Skillz Studios, including this website, 3D assets, and comic book art.

Additional 3D assets: Arrimus3D, Vitaly Bulgarov KitBash, SpiderBot Kitbash.

SAVAGE GALAXY. Copyright 2020. Alfred Carrillo

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Contact: twistedskillzstudios@gmail.com


We are always open to collaboration. If you want to pitch a short story, a comic book story, or are an artist, please contact us at twistedskillzstudios@gmail.com to start the collaboration process.

Please DO NOT submit ideas, stories or ideas directly. Unsolicited material will be deleted. In your initial e-mail, introduce yourself and in two or three sentences, describe on how you want to collaborate. If we are interested, we will contact you.