The Dominion

The Sorn Dominion are on a relentless conquest of hundreds of star systems. However, a power struggle between the Emperor and an over-zealous General reveal cracks in the seemingly unstoppable Dominion.

"Join us or Die"

The Dominion is an empire originating from the Huun star system. The Dominion's inception began on the planet Sorn, where a species known as the Gianillus launched their endeavors of galactic conquest. Their offer to star systems in their path is simple, "Join us or die". For those who join they enjoy the rewards of being ruled by an iron dictatorship. For those who fight, complete and utter destruction awaits.

"The True Ruler"

Emperor Kinelius, is a level-headed ruler, however the leader of the Dominion army is cruel and relentless. Supreme General Blavius commands a vast armada which grows exponentially with every conquest. Though the growing army is politically referred to as a coalition, most of the lower ranks of the Sorn Dominion are enslaved soldiers who fight for the promise of freedom.

"Empire of Betrayal"

Emperor Kinelius' reign seems to be in peril. As the Emperor fends off political rebellion, it seems that Supreme General Blavius is using his position to solidify his subjugation of the imperial throne. A handful of allies led by the fiercely loyal Scaliasus, the head of the imperial guard known as The Golden Sword, are The Emperor's only hope of retaining rule over Sorn.