The Haunted Planet

Is the space around planet Mir haunted? There are more and more reports of a ghostly female Kin torturing crews who travel to Mir.

Knock... Knock... Knock...

There are weird stories from freighter crews who travel to the planet Mir in the Sandarian System. Unexplained events begin happening within hours of docking on Mir sub-stations. Crews report eerie sounds as if someone is knocking on the ship hull from the outside. Tracking and navigation instruments go haywire and are rendered unreliable. Several crew members report becoming sick as they approach nearer to Mir. Crew members report getting unsettled feelings when entering parts of the ship by themselves, feeling as if they are being watched. There are rumors of a naked, female kin directly outside the ship however there is no recorded evidence of such accounts.

Where did they go?

Mir itself is a developing, terra-formed planet, with a small population of mixed-race immigrants including Kins, Nemens, and Fenezians. Citizens of Mir are largely unaware of the rumors though many people continue to disappear from colonies every Mir year. It is unknown whether the disappearances and the weird events happening in Mir subspace are related.